“Gail is both mesmerizing and hilarious. It's a night you won't forget”

- Catherine Hickland
Star of "One Life to Live"


You are Worth an Amazing New Year

Your mission should you accept it is to kick the habits that are kicking you in your health and hard-earned cash without drugs or side effects connecting body & mind so you can be healthier and wealthier simultaneously in 2023.

It's Happening Sunday,

January 8, 2023

Two Life Changing “LIVE” Programs in ONE Power Packed Day – Attend One or Both

Lose Weight Now!

10:00 AM – NOON
ONLY $ 179.00

Stop Smoking Now!

2:00 – 4:00 PM
ONLY $ 179.00

Each program includes:

  • Group Hypnosis Session
  • Reinforcement Guided Meditation MP3/CD
  • 30-day supply of Stem Cell Activation Patches 

Powering your mission finish line.


Location: Fernandina Beach Golf Club
2800 Bill Melton Road
Fernandina Beach, Fla 32034

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July 19, 2024 / Las Vegas, NV / Hypnothoughts Live - Karmic Relationship Presentation
July 19, 2024 / Las Vegas, NV / Hypnothoughts Live - Karmic Relationship Presentation

September 11, 2021 / Lorem ipsum / Palace Thearer

Watch Gail in action!

Gail Ann Marie Comedy Hypnosis Show
"The Wicked Fun Hypnotist"

Adverbial ‘Wicked’  Growing up in a rural part of New England, ‘wicked‘ was a common staple of the local vocabulary.

Not ‘wicked,’ mind you, as in the sense of ‘sinful’ or ‘evil.’ New Englanders convert this adjective to an adverb, creating a synonym for ‘very.’ Relevant examples include: 

That boy’s wicked smart! 

Or, in an appropriately New England context: It’s wicked cold outside!

The Gail Ann Marie Comedy Hypnosis Show is a unique blend of mysteries in the mind experience as she guides you into the the depths of trance, once there the imagination explodes with her uncanny ability to tap into hidden talents of each of her volunteers who grace her stage.

Be prepared to laugh so hard that your sides hurt, you may hear some snorting noises, foot stomping and witness outrageous hysterically funny scenes before your very eyes.

Her shows are both entertaining and inspiring. Gail’s fine-tuned hypnosis skills, ability to tune into energy centers connecting both simultaneously make her show not only hypnotically amazing, it’s mystically inspiring for both the volunteers and the audience to watch.

She has appeared on Armed Forces TV & Radio. She’s performed in Italy, Greece, England, Spain and Sicily for the Armed Forces, United States, High Schools, Colleges, Fairs, Corporate Events, Private Events.

She is available for Seminars, Public Speaking, Private Coaching, Comedy Clubs, Casinos, and Cruise Lines.


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